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Buy Moonrocks Online.

Buy moonrocks online, Order moonrocks online. Moonrock has put his name behind one of the strongest cannabis products on the market in collaboration with Dr. Zodiak. The product is called Kurupt’s Moonrock which starts with the strain “Girl Scout Cookies,” which is then dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with “Sicdust” (kief). Let that soak in for a second.

Kurupt’s Moonrock is easily one of the most powerful cannabis products on the planet. They have taken an average cannabis bud and kicked it into high gear with the hash oil and kief. Buy moonrocks online.

This process leads the product to carry a 51.2% THC rating. In small doses, this is effective in pain reduction, stimulating appetite and nausea reduction. The product also boasts a .15% CBD rating which can combat pain, anxiety and other medical conditions. Order moonrocks online.

For the best taste and smoke, it is recommended by the girls at Kush N Wax to use a hash bowl or pipe, along with not breaking down the bud with a grinder as you will lose most of the kief in that process.

Moonrock is listed on dispensary websites ranging from$25-$30/gram. This may seem steep for a gram of marijuana, but the product speaks for itself in quality. Snoop Dogg himself can be seen giving his expert opinion on his Dogg Pound member’s cannabis.

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What are Moon Rocks?
Moon rocks are not exactly a type of marijuana strain, but more of a cannabis experiment. Typically, they’re are nuggets of the marijuana strain Girl Scout Cookies, dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. moon rocks for sale

If you’ve ever had an ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles, then you know exactly what Moon Rocks are all about. In fact, if you combine the consumption of Moon Rocks and ice cream cones, I’m sure it is simply delightful.

Take a trip to the moon
A few celebrities have trademarked their own Moon stuff, which some say are the strongest cannabis products on the market. Kurupt, the American rapper and former Executive Vice President of Death Row Records has “Kurupts Moonrock” which carries a 51.2% THC rating. In small doses, this kind of uber Frankenstein cannabis product can be effective for pain reduction and with a .15% CBD rating, it is also great for treating anxiety, pain and other medical conditions. In large doses, well, you could just get sent to the moon. moon rocks for sale

Board the spaceship here
In order to have the best experience consuming Moon Rocks, use a hash bowl or pipe and be sure not to break down the bud in a weed grinder, which will make you lose the kief. But, proceed with caution, this is considered the “caviar” of the cannabis product line and the strongest form of cannabis on the market. Remember, average weed strains has anywhere from 17% to 30% THC. Moon Rocks have nearly double that amount of THC. moon rocks for sale

If you can’t easily find Moon Rocks in a recreational dispensary, then you can always consult your favorite budtender about creating your own. You should ask them about the how much of everything you should buy and what kind of strain, hash oil and kief you need to make your own space ship to the moon. I would also ask them if this is the type of cannabis experience that should be done in the safety and comfort of your own home or if you’ll be decent enough to go out in public. Just saying. moon rocks for sale

Lab Tested Results Of Moon Rock

  • THC: 54%
  • CBD: 0.15%
  • CBN: 0.02%

Buy Moon Rocks weed online / Buy moon rocks weed online USA

Short of tetrahydrocannabinol, is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana.
-In low doses, the compound causes some pain reduction, moreover it reduce aggression, can stimulate appetite, and help reduce nausea. Moon Rocks weed for sale online usa rather moon rock is a hybrid cannabis with great THC hence is a Higher doses may cause the high associated with marijuana, leading to an altered perception of time and space, and feelings of happiness or fatigue. Buy moon rocks weed online


Firstly this is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits but does not make people feel stoned and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. Moon Rocks weed for sale online. Furthermore the fact that CBD rich cannabis doesn’t get one high makes it an appealing treatment option for patients seeking anti-inflammatory, antipain,anti-anxiety, anti psychotic or spasm effects without troubling dysphoria. Buy Moon Rocks weed online

Moon Rocks weed for sale online Florida

Moonrock is producing as THC degrades. Only a trace of CBN because it exists in the fresh bud. Stored and cured tops or has dish have higher levels of CBN, that has converted from THC. Marijuana with high levels of CBN like wise generally makes the toker feel disoriented and often sleepy. At best CBN contains only 10% of the psychoactive potency of the original THC. Moon Rocks weed for sale online.

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  2. Tinya

    Ever since i started buying from here,i don’t wish to stop buying again

  3. Williams

    Got this as the complementary hq. Great tasting of lemon lime. Wish I got more, could smoke this all day. Doesn’t look the greatest but does the job.

  4. Anna

    Awesome like the consistancy of it and the taste. Distictive taste usually I have it in joints, and also in bowls. I would like to mention its not dry or powdery, which its a plus. Thanks

  5. cottemark

    I,m glad I purchased this one the taste & high is great I really like the dispenser so easy to use no mess or fuss great job Klariecannacare the price was great if you purchased when it first came out .

  6. Fluer

    I,m glad I purchased this from you guys,this is one of the best,i will purchase again from you guys.

  7. Milan

    It was my first time getting a mix n match and I was not disappointed I got 4 kinds and out of the 4 the juicy jack was my favorite and the other 3 were right behind it I will definitely be ordering again soon keep up the good work klariecannacare

  8. Alrie

    Amazing keep using the top strains, then i will tell my friends to order from you guys..

  9. Steve

    Wow i love the strains another homerun keep getting the best 👍👍

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    I love your company because you guyz always give the best

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    Very Nice

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    Well, the package deliver to my location safe,but the package don’t come on time,but thanks you guys alot

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    Hi,i was so happy yesterday, thanks very much for my package,you guys will always remain the best.

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    You got the best,i have the test of it and it works well good quantity the way i like it.
    Next time i will order many bulk so that it can stay long with me.

  15. Rexie

    I was a little worried about my order. My order still says processing but I’ve received it. Customer support is fantastic, they reassured me everything was alright, as it is. Great prices, great service. I think I’ve just found a new favorite site! too much joy!!!

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    Love this company. Cant wait to find out the next deal. 2 for 1 shatter. Epic. Thank you for the quick delivery

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    Keep up i love this store

  18. Rafeiro

    I had a great relaxation with this strain,it gives you a high that is perfect for chilling at home doing nothing,great for anxiety and a light sleep,I would get this one again.

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    Yo was nice doing business with you,thanks very much i appreciate it

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