8 Best Screen Recorders for Windows 10 Free & Paid

The first thing to check is if your PC supports Bluetooth. Being unable to find Bluetooth is a common option, so checking this first could save you a lot of hassle. Action Center is still a thing with Windows 11 and is the easiest and quickest way to enable/disable features like Bluetooth. We show you how to enable Bluetooth in Windows 11 plus a few Driversol. common troubleshooting issues you could run in to. Under Bluetooth settings, click on the “Turn On” button.

  • IDGWhen you turn on your PC’s hidden administrator account, it shows up just like any other account in Windows 10.
  • And in the case of Windows 11, where there’s no Action Center, you cannot access the Bluetooth settings like this at all.
  • The screen will dim around a bright rectangular area.
  • If you want to record your webcam activities, don’t forget to turn on the webcam.

Bluetooth technology is helpful to connect two devices wirelessly. For instance, you can pair your wireless earphone with your Windows 11 PC. Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and laptops. In active mode, Bluetooth 5 allows up to seven devices to be connected simultaneously to a primary device. Your phone’s Bluetooth can be used to power it on by opening it. You can pair your Bluetooth speaker by clicking the pair button, since it should be listed as one of the paired devices on your phone.

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Open the app that you want to take a screenshot of, then open Gamebar by pressing Hotkeys “Win + G”. Then it will pop up a message asking you “Do you want to open Game bar?” Just check “Yes, this is a game” to open the Game bar. Before you can record screen using Game Bar, you need to make sure that it is enabled and optimally configured. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good. The app can record in BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG and you can set it up to start when Windows starts which takes away the hassle of having to locate it every time.

However, there’s a way to install software without admin rights. However, it’s disabled by default, so using it requires you to enable the admin account manually. It’s not entirely necessary, though, because you can convert any user account to one with admin rights; it’s pretty easy to create and delete accounts in Windows 10. Add user to the Administrators groupNow, the selected user account will have administrator privileges. You can install apps and change all the settings using this user account.

To change a user from a Standard account to an Administrator, type Driver in net localgroup administrators “UserName” /add and replace “UserName” with the account name. On the next page, click on the target account you want to change from Standard to Administrator. Now, click on “Change account type” next to “Account options”. Sign into your computer with an Administrator account. The first account created on a computer is the Administrator by default.You cannot make changes to User Account Controls without administrator privileges. If your local account does not use a password, but you want the computer to require a password to sign in to your account, use the Accounts settings to set a password.

Record the Screen on Windows 11 (

You can also quickly capture a screenshot by clicking the “take screenshot” button in the Win+G Xbox game bar overlay. All screenshots taken will be saved onto the same said “Captures” folder. Now, you know the top 3 solutions to help you solve the problem about how to record screen on Windows 10. Please note that you can’t customize recording area using Game Bar and edit well-recorded files using PowerPoint. If you want to record screen effectively, then you should download and activate Joyoshare VidiKit.

A Microsoft account is required for some features. With this release, Windows 11 users can integrate their video chat platform, Teams. Windows alsoboasts a better gaming experience. It gives PC gamers some of the best features of Xbox gaming. Since Xbox is a Microsoft product, it makes sense that their latest version of Windows includes Xbox features for PC gamers. Windows 11 comes with a redesigned and improved battery health screen.

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